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I have been working with BFL International since early last year. They are a highly organized operation and respond very quickly to my needs. Their products really work well against rising damp and I have had great feedback from my clients about their walls drying out within months of the device being applied. Would recommend the company highly.

Padge Murray

BFL® Ireland

We’ve been using in this process on Réunion Island for 6 years, and will continue to offer it to our customers. And for good reason! (Translated)


A professional company and effective equipment.
All the best for the future, BFL® France! (Translated)

Patrick Salvat


Very happy with the I.P.E product. I bought it 2 years ago and my walls are dried. No more damp smell in the house either.
Highly recommand the I.P.E as a rising damp solution


Great device

Before buying it, I have called them to get more information and I liked the fact that no work was needed (not like DPC injection with holes and chemicals in my walls). I’ve been using it for 3 months and it seems like there are already some improvements… Very satisfied so far!



It all started when saltpetre appeared in the living room, so I decided to call in several companies specialised in rising damp and they all recommended DPC injection (ranging from 10 000 € to 18 000 € to treat the all house: 120m2) which involved drilling holes in all my walls.

A friend of mine told me about Polarity Inverters and recommended BFL, which managed to solve my rising damp problem with a most cost effective and easier way


IPE Pro+150

After saltpetre and mould appeared on several walls, damaging the aesthetics of the house (blistering paint, crumbling plaster, peeling wallpaper), I bought an I.P.E PRO +150, following the advice of the bfl company. I can’t deny that the overall condition of my house has improved considerably.
However, the unit isn’t magic and I still have to get rid of the saltpetre and brush my walls.


It’s now been nearly 6 months since the unit was installed in my home (14/06/2023) and everything seems to be going according to plan. The change is already significant and the customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions we have. Given that we haven’t yet achieved complete drying out, I won’t be able to give my opinion on the efficiency of the IPE 12 from A to Z.

This in no way changes the professionalism of the customer service, great!


Very professional! (Translated)

Raphael Da Silva

BDS Renov

A reliable company with a focus on transparency. Excellent standard of service and training. The technology, though new, has a proven track record. (Translated)

Loïc Vaillant

Centre Breton de l'Habitat

Recommended (Translated)

Victor d'Auvillon

We’re very happy with our I.P.G® 30, the house is already much less damp and easier to heat. 👌👏🙏 (Translated)

Marie Bullard Axworthy

I have been looking for months for a solution to dry out my scullery, which had severe damp. I bought an i.p.e 22 and after a couple of months my laundry no longer had that horrible smell of damp caused by rising damp in my house (built in 1870).
The device saved my life!!!!!!


I contacted BFL to get a diagnosis which has been carried out by technician through video call. When I received the unit (I.P.E PRO+ 100), the same technician helped me with the installation and since then I have noticed a real improvement. I definitively recommend BFL.


I.P.G 20 in my holiday home

I bought a holiday home just after COVID, well aware of the damp problems (rising damp) present in my home, as the owner had been transparent. I was looking for a solution to solve this problem, and installing an I.P.E wasn’t appropriate given that I had decided to renovate all the house (including electricity). It’s now been over two years since I have installed an I.P.G 20 in this home.

Now the problem is solved and I can finalise the renovation work of my walls. Thanks a lot guys!


Overall very happy

From initial contact, the service was good and responsive with my enquiries.
We have installed our device and seems to be working very well, installation and instructions very easy to follow.
Very happy with the overall experience

Terri Driessen

Professional and attentive. The company answer all our questions straight away, whether they’re relevant or not! We can work with absolute confidence. Thank you! (Translated)

Bati Protect Sud

A reliable, professional company. We have only good things to say! A big thank you to Olivier for the time he devoted to training our team!! (Translated)

Vendée Eco Logis

Good product, fast delivery (Translated)

Christian Le Moal

Very satisfied about the device we have (I.P.E 32). So far, so good, we’ve been drying out for two years with the I.P.E. And for a year now: not a trace of damp left.


No more damp smell, simply fantastic!

IPE 16 installed in 2021. Big improvement: no more damp smell (which was unpleasant). Very happy!

Jean-Charles BRIAND

Thanks to BFL, I was able to find an efficient solution and install an I.P.G unit to solve my problems with saltpetre and damp. The unit was exactly what I was expected, the correspondence went well, the explanations were clear and above all very reassuring.
I would have never thought a unit with no mains supply could dry out my walls.
After scrapping the saltpetre off my walls, I could repaint the room which I haven’t been able to use for few years.

Joris Sejko

Very professional and an efficient product

After several discussions with BFL team, we opted for an IPE pro+100. They offer devices to suit all types of home (our house is around 80m2).

To be honest we are not DIY enthusiasts at all, but the service was able to help us by phone and the device is extremely easy to install, in less than 30 minutes we had finished the job.


I highly recommend BFL!

Following my call to BFL International, I was able to better understand my damp problem and the need for professional diagnosis to confirm that my problem was indeed linked to capillary rise.
BFL referred me to a company specialising in damp treatment, who came to my home to carry out a precise diagnosis and find a suitable solution by installing an I.P.E 32.
The I.P.E was installed on 18/02/2021 and following a follow-up visit by the company a year later, we were able to confirm together that my walls had dried out.
I can therefore recommend BFL International and confirm the effectiveness of their I.P.E 32!