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Becoming a BFL® international distributor – How and Why?

The idea of being an international distributor for a trusted product can seem like a very attractive proposition. But what makes it so enticing, and why are so many entrepreneurs and investors eager to take the plunge? Well, who among us hasn’t dreamt of starting their own business? BFL® International can make the dream a reality. Whether you’re a builder by profession or a business entrepreneur, they offer the opportunity to distribute a range of innovative products with high added value. BFL® products are innovative in design and format, and highly effective in treating rising damp within the home.

In this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know. We’ll look at why becoming a BFL® distributor can be a good option, and what you need to do to become a supplier of BFL® International’s I.P.E®, I.P.E® Pro+ and I.P.G® devices.

How do I become a distributor for BFL® International?

BFL® is a French company specialising in innovative solutions to combat the problem of damp in homes. Thousands of homes nowadays grapple with issues caused by damp, but homeowners find themselves with few options to help them deal with its effects, and often resort to costly, time-consuming building work.

BFL® market a range of solutions to reduce and eliminate rising damp :

  • The I.P.E® Electromagnetic Polarity Inverter, with 6 models available depending on the area to be treated;
  • The I.P.E® Pro+ Electromagnetic Polarity Inverter, with 6 models available;
  • And the I.P.G® Geomagnetic Polarity Inverter, with 3 models available.

The devices are quick and easy to install – no building work required – with no noise and no dust. They treat the problem at source, come with a 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee and are professionally accredited for their performance in eradicating the problem of rising damp.

With BFL® International, you can choose whether to be an exclusive or non-exclusive distributor of BFL® products.

An exclusive distributor holds exclusive rights to distribute BFL® International products in a particular region or geographical area. In other words, as an exclusive distributor you are the only person authorised to sell, distribute and market the products in your designated area.

If you’d like to talk to us about distributing BFL® International products, get in touch. We’ll set up a meeting, and – hey presto, job done!

And now for the second part – the benefits of being a BFL® International distributor.

Why be a BFL® International Distributor?

Rising damp affects not only your home; it can also be particularly harmful to your health. Excessive damp creates an environment in which mould thrives, and this can trigger respiratory problems and allergies; it can also damage property and cause deterioration in the structure of the building itself. So the market for damp-proofing solutions is a significant one, and will only get bigger. Both professional builders and homeowners need fast, effective ways to deliver tangible, cost-effective results.

The key to the market
Becoming a BFL® International distributor can be a key to opening up this growing market. You’ll have access to an unbeatable product, along with an established distribution network and BFL® International’s in-depth knowledge of the market.

As a BFL® International distributor, you can leverage the excellent reputation of BFL®’s rising damp solutions to quickly sell its innovative, reliable products.

Reducing risk and lowering costs
Entering a new market can carry both risk and cost, especially if you need to set up a new distribution chain from scratch. As a distributor for BFL® International, you can reduce the risk and expense quite substantially. BFL® International will handle the lion’s share of the logistics and promotions, as well as product updates.

The BFL® network is in place to support and advise you for as long as you choose to remain a distribution partner, and provides training, field support and all the resources necessary for you to successfully promote and sell BFL® products.

Setting your own income
Set your own targets and watch your income grow. You set your own price according to your business model. The decisions are yours!

Investing in innovation means entering a burgeoning market, full of opportunity. So why not give it a try?

Discover BFL INTERNATIONAL’s rising damp treatments: I.P.E®, I.P.E® Pro+ and I.P.G®.

So don’t delay – contact us now to become a BFL® distributor in your country!

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